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Deck Wash

Decks are an easy place for mold, mildew, and other contaminants to come in and call home. When we come in, we ensure that your deck is cleaned properly and rid of all contaminants. We understand how to properly clean your deck without the possibility of causing any damage to the wood.

When you work with Pro Washers of Clifton Park, you reap the benefits of our specialized cleaning system as well as our top notch customer service.

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Deck Wash and Cleaning Service

With our deck cleaning services, we eliminate the need to rent equipment and do it yourself. Trust the job to trained and experienced professionals who know how to properly clean your deck and make it look new again without causing any damage to the wood. We utilize specific detergents and techniques to remove stubborn stains and dirt that have penetrated the wood. With our thorough cleaning process, we are able to revitalize your deck and make it enjoyable to use.

Allow Pro Washers of Clifton Park to show you how clean we can make your deck whether large or small. We will arrive with all the proper equipment needed to pressure clean your exterior living space.

In order to protect your investment it is vital that you maintain the condition of your home to keep it looking fresh and clean. In the end, we guarantee your patio will be free of algae, mold and dirt.

It takes the right pressure to clean your decks without damaging the wood and causing irreversible costly damage, so don’t just hire anyone, hire the pros at Pro Washers of Clifton Park.

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